Thursday, April 27, 2006

2006 MS Walk; Irvine, CA

Well, I set a personal goal of $1000.00 for the walk. As of today I’ve got donations to my web page totaling $1710.00 and I’ve got at least $200.00 yet to turn in. I am very happy with the outcome of a fundraising event held at the Vineyard Terrace Trattoria. That event raised $200.00 for the cause and the turnout was far beyond my expectations. I recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a friendly quality dining experience in the Tustin area. Oh, they also cater special events.

While I am pleased with my personal effort my attempt to form a team and raise $8000.00 failed miserably.

The manager in me motivates me to analyze this performance. So, here’s my story! My sphere of influence has declined to the point that my ability to move people to act is becoming very limited. I can still count on family and close friends but moving beyond that is very tough. I’m not inclined to use Multiple Sclerosis to garner sympathy. I find myself traveling in circles that include fellow MS patients that are more mature and generally retired. That doesn’t strike me as a philanthropic gold mine! I sent 545 email messages to the Tustin and Irvine, CA Chambers of Commerce member companies. The result was one donation and I have an ongoing relationship with them. So…

I am going to, “throw in the towel” on trying to go big and bold. I will recognize the limits of my influence and work within those boundaries. I think I can dedicate myself to my individual effort and forget the team effort. I may even be able to top this year’s total!

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Anonymous said...

Poor Frank... Nobody loves you. The dinner was an outstnding success and the sale of the bears was a terrific idea that people just couldn't get enough of. As far as you're -mail campaign goes do you realize how many requests or donatons public officils get? Yours was probably not the only one these people received. And who's to say they didn't donate to someone else? You need to make a more personal appeal than just an e-mail. Didn't Jo Distefano say a personal visit to an elected offical's office is worth 10 e-mails. And didn't you say the one donation you received was from someone you worked ith? Do you see a pattern emerging here???
And if you want team memersyou have to ask. I didn't eveen know you had a team until I mentioned the walk. So sorry but I don't have time to shop for a team. That's your job as team captian. To find me! So stop your pity party and get to work. The 2007 Walk is right atound the corner!