Monday, September 04, 2006


The Renewed Measure M is a 30-year $11.8 billion dollar TAX! IT PROMISES….

Project A: Improvements to I-5, the Santa Ana Freeway, between SR-55 and the ”Orange Crush’
$470 Million

Project B:Improvements to I-5, the Santa Ana Freeway, between SR-55 and SR-133 $300.2 Million

Project C: Improvements to I-5, the San Diego Freeway, between the El Toro interchange and SR-73
$627 Million

Project D: Update and improve key I-5, San Diego Freeway interchanges
$258 Million

Project E: SR-22, Garden Grove Freeway interchange improvements
$122 Million

Project F: Add new lanes to SR-55, the Costa Mesa freeway, between SR-22 and the San Diego freeway I-405
$366 Million

Project G: Add north bound lane on SR-57, Orange freeway between SR-22 and Lambert Road in Brea
$258.7 Million

Project H: SR-91 improvements between I-5, the Santa Ana freeway and SR-57, Orange freeway
$140 Million

Project I: SR-91 improvements between SR-57, Orange freeway, and SR-55, the Costa Mesa freeway
$416 Million

Project J: SR-91 Improvements between SR-55 and the Orange/Riverside county line
$925 Million

Project K: Improvements to I-405, the San Diego freeway, between Los Alamitos and SR-55
$500 Million

Project L: I-405 improvements between SR-55 and I-5
$319.7 Million

Project M: I-605 access improvements
$20 Million

Project N: Freeway service patrol
$150 Million

Project O:Regional capacity plan, unmapped improvements
$1132.8 Million

Project P: Regional Traffic Signal Syncronization
$453.1 Million

Project Q: Local fair share program, revenue to cities for local improvements
$2039.1 Million

Project R: High frequency Metrolink service
$1014.1 Million

Project S: Transit extensions to Metrolink
$1000 Million

Project T: Convert Metrolink stations to Regional Gateways that connect Orange County with High-speed Rail Systems
$226 Million

Project U: Expand mobility choices for Seniors and persons with disabilities
$339.8 Million

Project V: Community based transit/circulators
$226.5 Million

Project W: Safe transit stops
$25 Million

Project X: Environmental clean-up
$237.2 Million

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