Sunday, June 29, 2008

From the Team Mitsubishi/Nationwide Traffic MS 150 Webpage

Gaining Traction

At this moment in time we have been given great fortune. Our generation above others has been bestowed a deep understanding of the world and the power to do so much. And if we fail to make the most of this moment - if we convert hope and understanding into isolation - if pausing merely leads to complacency - then history can rightly point its finger at each of us.

Action does not have to mean “anything goes”. It need not be morally corrupt. Given a choice, most people want to be thought of a winner and in the right way. We all want to be part of a successful endeavor. We all want meaning, with the freedom to achieve success, not just to survive. We all want the best from life for ourselves, for our families, colleagues, community and society.

Achieving financial objectives and having fun while doing so is one of the fundamentals of why we participate. Beyond the traditional value fun takes on a greater sense. Fun also means enjoying the challenge of involvement, contribution, accomplishment, personal enrichment and satisfaction.

We are identified by a social and ethical balance beyond isolated entities. It’s important not only to have a clear understanding of the “Mission” and role of the NMSS, but also an intense sense of performance. There’s more to performance. A team will provide a wider view- expecting each member to give time and talent to the common cause. Truly “winning” or “success” is from contribution transitioning into a passion to perform. It is this passion that fuels the team and ignites will.

Whatever form winning or success takes on also has to serve the well being of the team. It must also include a process of continual self-improvement. Not as a creed or fixed promise but an attitude. It is about pride, with people knowing that they are pushing themselves to achieve the best that they can. Having genuine interest and excitement in the team’s actions are as important as actual achievement.

In the final analysis, the value of existence is not dependent on crisis - nor should it consist only of dramatic victories. However un-dramatic the pursuit, it must go on. The challenge- to do what we can to create a world free of MS, to be sure is real. Our concepts and definition of this challenge may be very different, but when we give it our all and to the best of our ability it shouldn’t matter what anyone thinks. What matters most is who we are and our expression of life.

For eight years Team Mitsubishi has been part of the “Movement” and we have rallied to the challenge. It started with four riders and every year since we have been in the Top 25 of teams in money raised. We have transitioned into a great group of dedicated people who also enjoy participating. For 2008 the team has been acknowledged as the “Best (Team) Promoting the Mission.” (Of the NMSS)

We dedicate this year’s ride to: Frank Austin- Champion (of MS), Starr Velez, Barbara Ferrante, Matt Bolcer and Kelly Clark and to our family members, friends and co-workers touched by MS.

Together we will end the devastating effects of MS.

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