Friday, February 24, 2006

But You Look So Good !

- Author unknown

When I woke up this morning Just like I always do,
I found that this was different
I was really feeling blue.
I know there's nothing I can do
To make myself feel fine.
I'll simply try the best I can
To work and not to whine.
My torment in my body
No one can understand.
They look at me, I'm looking good
I must be feeling grand.
To look so hale and hearty,
I must be feeling great.
The way my body treats me
They cannot estimate.
For one to look so healthy,
With good colour and a smile,
They think I'd like to have some fun
And maybe walk a mile.

They cannot know what's going on
Inside my body now.
I may look strong and healthy
And could even lift a cow.
But that's not how it is with me,
I struggle to get dressed
My buttons give me lots of time
To really get depressed.
I cannot do the simple things
An eight year old can do.
I can't do up my button
Or even tie my shoe.
Frustration is my daily pal
Stays with me all my life.
Especially when I try to eat
And cut things with my knife.
Sometimes this makes me cranky,
Cause all of this frustration
Is more than I can bear.
I do not want to be a crank
Or even a complainer.
What's going on,
You cannot know,
Even if you had a trainer.
Try getting dressed with mitts on.
It'll make you feel lots older;
Or walk a hundred yards or so,
Your leg tied to a boulder.
Try talking to your friends about
The things you do and see.
Especially when you can't speak right
As "fifty" comes out "free".
You know the things you want to say
They just don't seem to come.
Good thing it's only now and then
Or they'd all think you're dumb.
But that's not hard to live with,
As friends, they all know you.
And when the times get really tough,
They're there to see you through.

It's really not demeaning
On someone to depend,
For most of us can find someone
Who'll help us as a friend.
Some understand the turmoil
We go through day by day;
They help us when we need it
And get us on our way.
Those friends do understand MS
And what it does to us.
But some cannot understand
Why so often we do fuss.
About the feeling we'll explode
Or half your body's numb,
Or that your brain's not up to par
And you feel really dumb.
Who cares you ran the hundred
In seven seconds flat.
Your ball days too are over,
You can't even hold a bat.

So you lose your temper
Every now and then!
It really doesn't matter much
Cause you don't even know when.
That's what happens with MS.
You're full of ups and downs.
But people always notice that
You've got more smiles than frowns
You think you cannot handle it,
You're wrong, you're wrong my friend.
We, all of us, can handle it,
So let us not pretend.
Of course it's not a fun disease,
But name me one that is.
And I'm sure to give you full marks
For being such a whiz.
It's hard when on the inside
You feel less than you should.
But look upon the bright side,
Hey! You're really
looking good!

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