Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Chronic means forever.
Chronic means no days off.
Chronic means you arise and drift off with it.
Chronic means all of your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors & acquaintances know you through it and it through you.
Chronic means you can't leave it, you can't escape it, you can't fool it, you can't remove it, you can't forget it, you can't buy or sell it, you can't give it away,
Chronic means it is a part of you.
You can hate it, despise it, revile it, ignore it, and it remains part you.
You can fight it, go to Germany for it, deamalgam it, sting, pharese, and oxygenate it, magnetize it, oil, low-fat and deglutinize it, consult stars and swallow algae for it, imprison your free radicals for it.
And the next day it remains.........
Chronic is forever.
© Ira Lipsky

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