Monday, April 14, 2008

2008 Walk MS; Irvine, CA April 12, 2008

As of 2:00pm April 14 team, "Frank" had generated $2559.00 in donations. Considering that my initial goals were $500 for myself and $1000 for the team, that ain't half bad! And we've got more to be registered!

Everyone out there in traffic should be aware that the, "Three Amigos" are on the prowl! One of them is a particular menace to society when he wheels around on a personal mobility device most commonly referred to to as a scooter. DMV can pull a person's drivers license but I've yet to hear of a comparable agency intent on protecting the general public from out-of-control disabled scooter operators!

I hesitate to raise that issue to either the California State Assembly or Senate. Imagine the bureaucratic nightmare that might produce.

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